He Hawaii au – Hanai

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Kamakakehau Fernandez was born in Little Rock, Arkansas. He was adopted by Robyn Nae’ole, and raised on Maui. He grew up speaking Hawaiian, in a Hawaiian family, steeped in Hawaiian culture. He is today a talented artist, carrying on the tradition of Hawaiian language music. There can be no doubt that Kamaka’s heart and soul are tied to the Hawaiian Islands.

But the Akaka Bill won’t consider Kamaka Hawaiian, even though Hawai’i is the only homeland he has ever known. Kamaka is African-American by blood, and according to the Akaka Bill, Kamaka’s language, culture, and family do not matter. The Akaka Bill does not recognize the tradition of hanai, and will not allow Kamaka to carry on the legacy of his native Hawaiian mother, simply because of his race.

He Hawai’i au; he mau Hawai’i kakou a pau. I am Hawaiian; we are all Hawaiians.

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