HISAC on the Akaka Bill – 11/15/2007

November 15th, 2007 by admin Leave a reply »

Today the HISAC voted 8 to 6 NOT to take a position on the Akaka bill. The vote was not for or against the Akaka bill. It was solely on whether or not the HISAC should make a recommendation to the USCCR about the Akaka bill.

Given the strong position of the USCCR itself against the Akaka bill in May 2006, this action today leaves that opposition to the Akaka bill intact and unchallenged by HISAC. That result is consistent with the testimony received by the HISAC in its long public hearings in August and September of this year in which the testimony opposed the Akaka bill by 2 to 1 and also revealed widespread dissatisfaction with OHA among Native Hawaiians.  It represents a stunning departure from the previous HISAC rubber-stamp support of the Akaka Bill, and promises to be a turning point in Hawaii politics regarding this legislation.


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