He Hawaii au – Hawaiian enough?

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The Hawaiian Homelands set up in 1921 were for “Native Hawaiians” who were at least one half Native Hawaiian. If you did not have the right amount of ancestry, you were not “Hawaiian” enough.

The Akaka Bill is going to let nine “experts” decide who is, and isn’t “Hawaiian” enough to be in the new tribe. Even if you sign up for Kau Inoa, you may not be “Hawaiian” according to these nine “experts.”

And even if these nine “experts” decide you are “Hawaiian” enough, the new tribal leadership can “disenroll” you from the tribe later on. Even if you are pure Native Hawaiian, descended from King Kamehameha the Great himself, the Akaka Bill provides no protections for you.

He Hawai’i au; he mau Hawai’i kakou a pau. I am Hawaiian; we are all Hawaiians.

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